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You can download different releases of Web Search from this page. Newer editions can also be obtained from the update site (

  1. Latest Release
  2. Older Releases

Latest Release

Web Search release 1.1.0 requires Java 6 and Eclipse 3.3 or greater. It is a major revamp of the old plugin and all users should consider upgrading. Key updates include:

  1. Ability to search with Google Code Search, with FindJar, and on Stack Overflow.
  2. Search is available anytime text can be extracted from the workbench selection. This includes navigators and other views, as well as text editors and consoles.
  3. Special handling of Java-artifacts. For example, when searching a selected Java compilation unit using Google Code Search, the language flag is turned off and the filename extension (.java) is stripped.
  4. Removed support for Yahoo! search, and replaced Live search with Bing.

You should obtain Web Search 1.1.0 directly from the update site. Source code is available online here.

Older Releases


Web Search release 1.0.0 requires Java 5 and Eclipse 3.0 or greater (I have only tested against Eclipse 3.1).

In addition to obtaining Web Search from the update site, you can download it directly below.

Web Search 1.0.0